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Product No: TC_G2
Product explain:

> Functions:
1. Decode the video MPX file , Mp3 and WMA file
2. Built-in microphone, SP/LP digital recording function (64MB flashing memory: One one hour such as recording such as SP, one one hour such as recording such as LP)
3. Standard U a function. USB Mass Storage is supported, WIN more than 98 does not need to drive
4. ID3 lyrics and teaching material sound show in step gently , support the simplified Chinese character / Traditional Chinese / English three languages.
5. TXT text is read, digital FM radio
6. Portable computer language learning machine that highly takes precautions against earthquakes
7. ID3 editing machine computer software supports ID3 and lyrics of editor's song.
8. MPV Tool all right Windows Media files (*. wmv,*. wma,*. Asf) and Mepg file (*. mpg, *. Mpeg) and Quick Time file (*. mov,*. Qt) and AVI file (*. Avi) video form standing of cost squeeze machine (*. mpv)
9. PIC MAKE can be transfered to the picture form that the function of the cost discerns the common picture form of any, and can make the cartoon , can also pay special attention to taking the picture liked off by way of paying special attention to rejecting . User can design one's own greeting according to one's own taste, await the opportune moment screen protection.

128/256/512MB available

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