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Product No: TC_80
Product explain:

> Functions:
1. Support MP1/MP2/MP3/WMA/WMV/ASF/WAV
2. naturally /rock /prevail /the classical /the soft /knight / bass
3. Built-in FM Radio
4. Recording /show sound of mode of ACT of there aren't recording the files
5. FM radio mode (this function can be added and delete according to customer's enquiry) Search a function automatically and manually
6. Keep the function of radio station : Can keep 20 platforms at most each frequency band
7. Recording function of the program: Long-time recording / high-quality recording U a function
8. Other function different space functions protect the private data sleep and province electric mode directory function cartoon menu to show

color:The cola red blue gold and silver
Dimension 57389 mm Weight 33g

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