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Product No: TC-SK-PS152
Product Name: SUNKKO PS152 digital DC Power Supply
Product explain:

> Functions:
PS 152 Multi-functional accurate digital display DC stabilized power supply is a new type of professional power supply developed by SUNKKO for specific maintenance of mobile communication. It is different from common stabilized power supply by adopting the following six state-of-art design concepts and new type of electronic line to reach super features and functions.
1.It adopts dedicated thick diaphragm big power integrated circuit to replace regular external-accessed transistor parallel connection to stabilize the voltage.
2.It has features of high accurate voltage stabilization and static flow output.
3.The maximum current stabilization protection and cutting-style protection circuit enables continuous and adjustable operations. It controls on time the loaded short-circuit and overflow to prevent the faulty mobile phone board from being damaged again.
4.Continuous and adjustable stabilized current(0-2A) output. It can be used as quick power charger of mobile phone battery without damage to lithium battery.
5.Multi-use interface device of mobile phone maintenance telecom power supply facilitates maintenance.
6.Highly efficient environment-protection design without any noises confoms to European Standard.

* Packing size and weight:(unit:mm,g)
Length Width Height Net Weight Gross Weight
260 160 190 2000

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