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Product No: TC-SK-PS152+
Product Name: SUNKKO PS152+ digital display DC stabilized power supply
Product explain:

> Functions:
PS152+ Model multi-functional accurate digital display DC stabilized power supply is a new type of professional power supply for specific maintenance of mobile communication. It is different from common stabilized power supply by adopting the following seven state-of-art design concepts and new type of electronic line to reach super features and functions.

1. It adopts dedicated thick diaphragm big power integrated circuit to replace regular external-accessed transistor parallel connection to stabilize the voltage.It has features of high accuracy voltage stabilization and static flow output.
2. The maximum current stabilization protection and cutting-style protection circuit enables continuous and adjustable operations. It controls on time the loaded short-circuit and overflow to prevent the faulty mobile phone board from being damaged again.
3. Initiate plugged antistatic iron handle for using as temperature adjustment and antistatic soldering platform (PS152A).
4. Continuous and adjustable stabilized current(0-2A) output. It can be used as quick power charger of mobile phone battery without danage to lithium battery.
5. Multi-use interface device of mobile phone maintenance telecom power supply facilitates maintenance.
6. Highly efficient environment-protection design without any noises conforms to European standard.

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