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Product No: TC-SK-950
Product Name: SUNKKO 950 Anti-static Electricity Heater Tweezers
Product explain: > Functions:
1. Use anti-static materials handle when disassembly a small SMD component and SOP IC under 25mm more safety.
2. Heat the component directly to prevent touch another parts which can decrease the overheat effect. It is especially useful on highly density component PCB.
3. Can change to many type of extract tip.
4. Can be used with 936 / 932 / 937 etc Solder Station.
5. Can be change to different size of tip that suitable for different type of smaller SMD and SOP IC.

Power Consumption


Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Max. Temperature 420 (788H)
Isolation Impendence 100M

* Packing size and weight(unitmm,g)
Length Width Height Net Weight Gross Weight
245 65 40 150 250

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