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Product No: TC-SK-493
Product Name: SUNKKO 493 Anti-static smoke exhaust
Product explain: > Functions:
1. Special design can eliminate the poison smoke in the open air.
2. Extra high absorb force.
3. Can adjust any angle. Lower noise level. Higher performance fan used.
4. Replace the filter very easy and quick.
5. Special make filter by special foam plastic material. Have high absorb oxygen and absorb soldering smoke function.
6. Anti-static function. All system made by anti-static and electronics conduct materials.

Power Consumption

16W(50Hz) / 14W(60Hz)

Absorb Air Capacitance 0.93 / 1.07m3/min
Accessories Filter (3pcs)
Change Component
Name Filter
Specification Live carbon filter, total 5pcs

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