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Product No: TC-SK-453
Product Name: SUNKKO 453 Thermostatic Electric Soldering Iron
Product explain:

> Functions:
1. Design of accurate and exquisite slim handset feels comfortable.
2. Highly insulated stick-shaped ceramic heating components shorten the distance between the handset and welding tip. Only subtle movement can accomplish welding quickly.
3. Special alloy heating components is printed on alumina ceramic insulating layer, it will form the ceramic main body after cementation to insulate heating components from the air, so that the heating components will not be oxidized with long service life.

Power Consumption


Heating Element
Ceramic Heater
Max. Temperature
420 (788H)
Isolation Impendence

* Packing size and weight:(unit:mm,g)
Length Width Height Net Weight Gross Weight
270 75 30 110 120

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