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Product No: TC-SK-3050A
Product Name: SUNKKO 3050A Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Product explain:

> Functions:
1. Intelligent Double-powered type, 30/50W switch with light contact. Double digital LEDs display the status.
2. Super slim streamline design and super large cleaning container makes washing liquid not to spray easily.
3. Control panel design in accordance with somatology.
4. Continuous high frequency filtering power driving creates first efficient cleaning.
5. Stainless/glass transparent cover with clear operation prevents from erosion.
6. Apply for national external design patent.

Input Voltage

220V AC

Power Consumption
30W / 50W selection
Working Frequency
Timer Control
Max. 99sec
Container Capacity
170 x 90 x 55mm

* Packing size and weight£º(unit£ºmm,g)
Length Width Height Net Weight Gross Weight
210 155 120 760 860

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